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The School of Dance

Merrilee Hodgins A.R.A.D., Artistic Director

General Information

Season 2022-23

The School of Dance

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COVID protocol information provided at the time of registration. Your signature on our waiver is a requirement of registration.

All registration forms must be signed and dated. Signed FAXed or PDFed copies are accepted. Payments are accepted in cash, by cheque made out to The School of Dance, or by debit/credit card once a signed copy of the registration form is received by the office. Registration is not complete without a signed registration form.

The dates for the short courses are listed on the individual registration forms.

Attendance logs are kept by the office and by the teachers. In the case of illness or absence, The School of Dance requests that a responsible person call into the office to leave a message. Students arriving late for class may be asked to observe the class if the teacher decides that late entry is unsafe.

Students are welcome to make-up a missed class within the TERM registration period; missed classes cannot be transferred forward to a new term.

Dress code sheets are available in the main office.

Conditions of Enrolment

There is a $20 registration fee payable on the initial registration in each school year.

There are no refunds except in the case of cancellation due to insufficient registration.

All registration forms must be signed and dated in order to be eligible to take part in classes.

Fees are due in full at the time of registration.

Monies returned from the bank for any reason are subject to a $50 administration charge.

The School of Dance reserves the right to ask disruptive individuals to leave the premises and/or not to serve a customer.

The School of Dance is not responsible for students before and after class.

The School of Dance has a Personal Information Policy in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. A complete copy of the policy is available in the main office of The School of Dance.