The School of Dance, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Audrey Greyeyes Artist in Residence

Audrey Greyeyes, Artist in Residence at The School of Dance

Audrey Greyeyes has been exhibiting in the Ottawa area for the past fifteen years. Critics have from the start described her art as "powerful" with "freedom in her colors and form" that "stamps her as an original artist". Audrey studied at the Ottawa School of Art in a self-directed program in contemporary art. Her choice was initially guided by the advice of her grandfather who told her that she must be a Cree person of her own time. Her art is in the collection of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada as well as private collections. Audrey has retired from her work as a policy officer with Canadian Heritage dealing with Aboriginal issues. On joining The School of Dance's Artist in Residence programme she says, "I like the environment that The School is creating and the thinking that sustains such a vibrant artistic community." She is keen to start the process of working towards realizing her dream of a multi-media and multi-disciplinary work. She looks forward to the energy generated by the participants of The School activities to continue to sustain her.


Audrey Greyeyes Artspot on CBC


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