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Merrilee Hodgins A.R.A.D., Artistic Director.


Stuart Conger
Learning Centre

Stuart Conger

Stuart Conger, 2002.

Marie-Michelle with books in the Stuart Conger Learning Centre

The Stuart Conger Learning Centre was established in 2007 in recognition of the generous support that Stuart Conger gave The School of Dance. Located on the second floor of The School, the Centre is a growing library of fascinating materials, including 250 dances tapes and DVDs and over 1,200 art, history and general knowledge books. Among its collections are: hundreds of music scores and musical notes that have been donated to

Elena in the Stuart Conger Learning Centre

The School; ballet class scores annotated by international ballet dancer Toni Lander of Denmark; ballet scores annotated by the late Celia Franca, Co-Artistic Director of The School of Dance (1979-2007) and founder of the National Ballet of Canada; hand-written notes created by great Canadian film-maker Norman McLaren for his Oscar award winning film "Neighbours".

DVD's in the Stuart Conger Learning Centre

The collection also includes opera notes by Benjamin Britten and piano arrangements by George Crumb as well as compositions written for The School and donated by The School's musicians and students. The School's collection of choreographic material is available to young choreographers for research. The Centre also serves as a Study Hall. All students are welcome to use the Learning Centre's materials.


Studies in the Stuart Conger Learning Centre

"We are so proud that the Stuart Conger Learning Centre is part of The School of Dance," said Merrilee Hodgins, Artistic Director of The School. Stuart Conger said he has provided major support to The School because "of the creativity of its choreography, the excellence of instruction, the pursuit of great skill, the commitment to community and the competence of management". Ms. Hodgins said "It is a pleasure to have his help and support. Donors can see the range of things that are going on here". In addition to the support that Stu Conger has given to The School the Joyce Conger Fund for the Arts provided major support for the renovation of The School's building.

Merrilee Celia Stuart

Merrilee Hodgins, Celia Franca and Stuart Conger at the unveiling of the Joyce Conger plaque, 2002.

For more information on the Stuart Conger Learning Centre contact Merrilee Hodgins A.R.A.D., Artistic Director