The School of Dance

Merrilee Hodgins A.R.A.D., Artistic Director

The SODA Network

Are you a graduate of The School of Dance? Would you like to stay involved? Do you have professional skills that you are willing to share with today's youth? Are you interested in resuming classes yourself? Would you like to see a cutting edge performance of contemporary dance? Do you have some time to volunteer as a mentor, a performance assistant, a group workshop leader?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, please consider becoming part The SODA Network. We are building a team of our ALUMNI as part of our strategic plan to provide a strong support network for our current students by tapping into the skills and good-will of our graduates.

There are no fees to join The SODA Network. Just contact us and tell us your area of expertise. Let us know that you are willing to become part of the Network. And here's what you get for helping us deepen our roots:

  1. Discounts on classes you take
  2. Discounted ticket prices for performances
  3. Invitations to preview rehearsals
  4. Advance notice of events and activities
Ontario Arts Council


The SODA Network has been created with the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council Arts Investment Fund.

The School of Dance thanks the Province of Ontario for their support